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Welcome to Real Estate Investing 101

Let us introduce you to real estate as an opportunity to build your wealth; it is exciting and very rewarding. You can generate income and tax benefits as well as equity from appreciation over the years. We will help you build your investment portfolio with our knowledge; experience guidance.

Our Real Estate Consulting Services include:

  • Real Estate Due Diligence
  • Real Estate Market Analysis/Valuation
  • Transaction Guidance
  • Property management/Leases

Your first and best investment is to purchase your primary residence. Owning real estate in an up and coming area lead to greater returns.

There are 4 Primary reasons to invest in real estate

  • Cash Flow
  • Tax Shelter
  • Appreciation
  • EGO

Invest in properties that will yield you the best results: the key is to identify properties that are under priced; distress or quick sell. We recommend single family; duplexes or small apartment buildings (4). Most real estate investors build their portfolio by gradually buying properties over the years.

Financing your real estate investment- with 20% Down payment will give the best financing terms; however you can make smaller down payments 10% or less. If you find a seller willing to do owner financing you can keep down payment to a minimum amount.

Our consulting service will help you evaluate your properties and projects; we provide insight on the market; solve problems or eliminate any dilemmas. Our team of agents will look for properties in the path of progress; physically sound or cosmetically challenged and provide a full spectrum of real estate areas valuation services. We provide our customers with insight that help them strategically plan and make decisions with confidence.

Let us be your team of professionals and one stop for resources to help you make a real estate investment today!

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